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This project belongs to UAB Modestina, a company that has been producing men's classic and casual wear in Lithuania for more than 20 years, and the EU funds investment program has helped to implement it. e-commerce-model-covid-19 "> (link to the app) . The aim of the project is to transfer the company's products to the e-commerce system, and to create an opportunity for customers to order an individual suit without leaving home. In the e-shop, it will be possible to choose from a large number of already manufactured products: men's suits, jackets, trousers, shirts and accessories, or to choose an individual tailoring after choosing the material and completing all the details of the jacket and trousers. This project will operate not only in Lithuania but also in Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Germany. It will help increase the company's sales in the field of retail e-commerce and expand the company's awareness in other countries. As we did not have such a solution during the pandemic, after the introduction of quarantine and restrictions, the company's turnover fell sharply due to a decrease in wholesale orders, so the decision was made to create an e-commerce system for retail not only in Lithuania but also in other countries. sales.